Sunday, May 23, 2010


I found the above quote when I couldn't sleep the other night.  I thought I should have it somewhere on my blog.  I love the colors, the layout, but mostly, it is the sentiment!!  What a feel good statement!!

So, today has been one of those empty kind of days!  The kind where you know there is so much to do but you have no energy or gumption to do what needs to be done.  Here we are on the long weekend & I have watched a little bit of (okay, ALOT) of TV.  Maybe thrown in a bit of laundry, a couple loads of dishes in & out of the dishwasher, & not much else.  I am honestly not feeling great either.  A head cold, & headache are not helping me find that energy!!

On the upsides, we sold our trailer.  I guess I did clean it out before they came to pick it up.  Selling the trailer is bittersweet for us.  Kevin is usually too busy in the summer months to get away but when he can, it is awfully hard for the 5 of us to fit comfortably in that trailer!  Maybe we will look at a bigger but used one in the coming year!  Something with a slideout.  It will have to depend on finances & time available.  Our lives really are full, so if it doesn't happen, there will be something else that fills the void.  I suppose that means that tomorrow, I should get myself out to the garage & sort through the bins that were in the trailer!  An hour or two & I can say that I have accomplished something this weekend.  All I really wanted was to create something or scrapbook a few pages but as I said, I could not find the energy I needed to do so but tomorrow is another day!

I am hoping next week to help T.E. paint her basement.  So far, we have ordered doors & some new windows, as well as blinds.  With a little luck, our long awaited sofa will be delivered & we can give the one here to T.E. so we can start decorating their basement once it is painted!  Her boys will be lucky.  We are creating a playroom for them, getting the family room to be a useful space & then finally, we will tackle her scrap room!  I am mostly excited for that task!  Maybe she will give me the honor of posting some pictures when we get it done.  I hope I can live up to her expectations for making it more homey!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love... sweet Love

Been thinking & I know that LOVE makes the world go round.  It picks you up when you are down, it carries you through the most difficult times & so very much more.  I reflect often on what my family does for me.  I feel very dissatisfied in the moment sometimes.  Take Mother's day for example.  My boys were dirtbiking & swimming, my daughter was at a sleepover, & my hubby spent the day enraptured by the tv.  Now to his credit he did offer to do something although neither of us had any good ideas whatsoever.  So game after NHL game prevailed on the screen while I played on my computer, had a bath & moped.  The gift unveiling was a sordid affair.  Not one of the children were there to bear witness to my excitement (oh yeah, there was none), & nothing was wrapped.  I recieved a Snuggie, an "I Love you Mom" mug, and 2 (2 for $10) candles in putrid scents.  But alas, I am not going to complain because I know it is more than some of my counterparts receive.  
What I did LOVE was the card from my children.  They each wrote down a favorite memory of time spent with me!!  Priceless!  Jordan ventured to recall a time when we were camping with out his Dad & it was raining!  While Brendan & Megan watched television, Jordan & I played games all day long.  Brendan's recollection was one of the times when I went to the school to defend his honor against a poor teacher.  He was in the office in another area from me & he could hear things getting quite heated with his principal.  He loved that the principal kept saying "Sherri, Sherri" & I continued my rampage until all of my thoughts were out & on the table.   Then my sweet little Megan said the least of all...simply put, "Disneyland".  I wish she had been more explainatory but she was probably off to pack for her friends when her Dad was tyring to wrangle them all to sign the card!  Nothing gets in the way of her plans...rarely!!  So in short, I know that I have impacted each of my children in one way or another.  I just don't always see the moment at the time.  I know that each one of them knows without a doubt that I LOVE them very much.  I also know that even though they may get mad at me and utter the words "I HATE YOU", that deep down they really do LOVE me too!!

I can't expect them to know at any given moment what I would like most. It isn't their job to know me.  It is their job to be kids vulnerable to the ways of the world & I am to LOVE and guide them through it all the very best that I can.  So, I will continue my journey with them, making sure that they know that my LOVE knows no bounds & I will guide each of them with LOVE & understanding even if it isn't popular in the moment!!  Jordan, Brendan & Megs...I LOVE YOU!!