Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why do you scrapbook??!

Ialways get asked "Why do you scrapbook?" A silly question to me but believe it or not there are people out there that don't understand the passion that goes into scrapbooking & card making. I'm know that many of my "non-scrapbook" friends think it is a stupid pastime.

We all scrapbook for various reasons, all different, but reasons that are important to us individually. It is no different than any other hobby one might have. Scrapbooking is a way that I can express my creativity to share with families & friends. I enjoy the memories that working with pictures of memorable times in my life brings to me as I create my pages.

I feel the greatest sense of joy & satisfaction when I present an album or layout, or altered item as a gift. The gift has resurfaced memories & brought joy...
I hope that someday the children in my family will be inspired & influenced by what I've created.... maybe one of them will pick up where I left off. There are also the friendships that I have cultivated through scrapbooking. They are so important to me. I really cannot believe the number of friendships that scrapbooking has brought to my life. I have found some truly amazing friends that I know will be with me for a lifetime like my albums, pictures & so on.
So for all of you who do not scrapbook or card make or stamp, I don't expect you to understand. It is not frivoulous or time me, it is TIME WELL SPENT!!

Been thinking...

I was golfing 2 years ago in the annual Heart & Stroke Golf tourney when this picture was taken. I had a fun day. I been thinking I should make more of those days for myself. Not golf per say because honestly, I just like to play the roll on the course... not very good & NOT denying it! I LOVE to drive the cart.
I know I get to do things here & there. I have the occasional scrap weekend a few times of the year & I go for the odd lunch with a pal, once in a blue moon a coffee... I am talking about getting involved, again like I did with H&S. I miss the interaction with people I don't normally spend time with. I think my purpose in life is to give & help people reach a goal for a common cause. I love to lend a hand and it leaves me feeling good about my roll in life. I don't need a paycheck as much as I need the spirit of giving & spending time with people. So, I am seeking a cause, I am looking to become involved in something... not only for good reasons but maybe selfishly too. I want to feel that again...bring back some fun & some meaning to add to the everyday things I already do for the people I love...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Took a little trip...

So I went on a little road trip today with one of my besties!!! Of course I had a good time & I spent toooooo much money. I rocked out some serious deals today!! I got our family a new panini maker, some skecher shape-ups, new jeans, capris, & 2 shirts, perfume, a huge family frame, new soft & cuddly cotton sheets for my bed & tons of grocery items for my family.

I bought some Christmas presents, some birthday presents & Easter treats too! My final stop was the liquor store & if I would have known how AWESOME our border guards would be I sure would have bought more. As it stands, I bought myself a sweet treat of Black Cherry Vodka.

When I hit Ben Franklin, I could have spent a lot but I only spent a little. I will go back...there is promise of a ladies road trip to buy BEER...

It was nice to take off & be foot loose and fancy free with a great friend!! It was nice to just for a few hours be doing something a little out of the ordinary. Of course on the way home the phone started ringing and plans needed to be made. There was soccer to get to & hockey & meetings but it all worked out thanks to a little help from friends. As I said...great to get away for awhile BUT nice to know that I am needed too!!

Hoping that if I declare it on here that this weekend I will get into my favorite room in the NOT the kitchen. So here is my declaration...Igotta do some scrapping this weekend...even if it is just a little project. Maybe I will post??? Good night.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

High School..seriously?!

So last night I attended the informational meeting for Eagle Butte High School. I saw all of the seemingly great things the school has to offer & I wanted to be excited. I want to believe that when Jordan goes to that school in the fall, he will thrive...he will grow & he will succeed. He is very adminant that he can handle a heavy duty workload. In addition to taking all of the core subjects and options, he wants to enroll in a Production Field Officer (PFO) program that includes a diploma after three years from SAIT. He says that he wants to immmerse himself in his studies so that he can "get outta here" right after graduation.

I can't imagine how nervous he must feel or is it me projecting my feelings on to him. He will go to school with all of the kids he has from Irvine but also kids from Seven Persons & so on. I know that I would like for all of his troubles in the past to fade into the past. I know he has grown & learned from them but he needs people to believe in him & give him a break. Your failures DO NOT define you!! They make you better & they help you grow!!

I guess I get all anxious too because I love him so and can still remember the first day of preschool when I left him standing there...then the first day of a new school. A little peice of my heart broke because he is growing up so fast. Everytime we go through a new milestone, I know it isn't too long & that time is closing in on us when he moves on and further away!!

Spring...where are you?!

Do you know that I thought I was untouchable. At least in the way the weather affected me but I am finding that the days are dragging on when I look out my window & the wind is whipping, there is an overcast sky or snow falling.
I guess I am ready for the spring to really be here!! A little sunshine, even some rain but no more cold cold!! I Have aspirations of making my yard a haven for our family. I have to maneuver around the dogs but I thought I would do the yard in sections, starting first with the retaining wall area.
Some flowers & shrubs maybe even some tacky but make me happy yard decorations!! Oh the possibilities. So spring please hurry and save me from the doldrums!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bucket List

So...what is in your bucket list?? Things to do before I die...whenever that might be. I have been thinking about it & I have a few things I want to put in my bucket now but I am certain I will add to it. Here it is so far:

1. Experience a sunset (corny as this may sound) somewhere just like in the movie 'Under a Tuscan Sun'. Greece, Italy...someplace like that!

2. Write a letter to each of my kids that they are to receive upon my passing. The letter is to contain my all of the reasons why I love them so, what I think their strongest attributes are, & what it meant to be their Mom through good & bad. Of course I want to let them know about all of my hopes, dreams & wishes for them & their futures.

3.Wanna go to a horse race... bet on a winner & wear a big ole floppy hat & some fancy outfit.

4. Drive a sports car with the top down around the winding curves on the side of a mountain

5. Something a little unattainable but I am allowed to dream... bring a child from a suffering country to live with my family and raise him or her as our own, helping my children to learn humanity & diversity. Hoping that they open their hearts & minds in many ways!

6. RELAX...learn that life isn't supposed to be so serious & that it is full of beauty & love.


'Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.' ~Anthony Robbins
Wanted to share this. I love this thought & idea. It puts a new perspective & a new way of thinking on my & otherwise. Today when you are angry with the way your child is acting, the disappointment you feel in that one certain friend, or even the way your spouse has made you feel...remember this quote and hold them a little closer, spend a little more time, or speak a little softer. In giving, you are sure to recieve!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Slowly going crazy!!!

I am trying to amuse myself & all I really need is a visit with a good friend matched up with a steaming cup of java & some belly laughing. I am searching out things to do. I could be cleaning the house....blecchhh!! I could be down in my scrap room but there are 5 boys down there playing pool, farting, & laughing loudly & talking obnoxiously. Then there are two sweet girls watching a movie on the main floor. So here I am BLOGGING again. I might be addicted! Hope you aren't sick of it yet...don't read anymore if you don't want to!
Did you know I have this crazy obsession with peanut brittle lately. I love it. I found this great stuff called...well Peanut Brittle. It has a sweet little ole lady on the front named Hazel Williams & it costs $2.49 per bag. I am happy to note that even though I know the calories, fat & sugar content are obscene, it is not listed on the package so that means it is guilt free right? Yeah right! I tried to find a picture of it for you but I can't & 'someone' feels that it is more important to have my camera then me. Argghhh! Anyway, I purchased 6, yes 6 bags of the stuff today. Let me tell you, I am not sure if I can refrain from eating at least two bags tonight!! Someone needs to save me!! That's it...I am gonna wash the fricken floor!!

Spider Woman

Do you ever get that feeling that there is a bad kid hanging out with yours?? My boys have a few friends over tonight! While I am not unhappy about that, one of them just plain and simple gives me the heebie jeebs!! I kind of want to pull his sweater over his head. For every comment I make, he has a smart mouth one and he is NOT someone who is around well enough to know me to do that!! While I am not judging this child, there is just something....I can't put my finger on it!

Kind of like some of those friends in your life. you know the ones. They are great fun sometimes & then...well then you get to know a side of them you would just as soon not know. You see, I have this "friend" claims to be my friend but has done some damage in a few little aspects of my life...then she hands me a gesture in kind & I don't know what to do with it seeing as I know there is an underlying current of evil...I am not talking about talking behind your back evil. I am talking about the kind that spys on you & spreads evil thoughts & plots to destroy what they can. You might think I sound a little paranoid. NO...she has time & again interfered in things that have nothing to do with her. This has not only occcured in my life but in the lives of some of my dearest friends & aquaintances...all at her hand. When she started hanging out with us, she came in quiet & shy with a great story. Once inside the fold of friendships, she weaved a tangled web like a spider spinning her prey. Slowly, weaknesses were exposed & trusts were broken. It is interesting how it has all fallen apart on her but she still weaves and spins....

Holy !! I was only talking about not being fond of one of my boy's friends. I guess I can let that one go. Moved on to other thoughts!! He probably isn't bad... just not what I am used to and I am not one to judge other kids...I work on NOT doing that because I know how it feels and how damaging it can be!!

These are a few of my favorite things...

So I have been compiling a long list of favorites! There are so manmny things that make me happy and I am going to take the time to list them right here on MY blog, cause I can...add that to my "makes me happy list". Here goes...

~my family ~Venti caramel machiatto w/xtra drizzle from Starbucks ~sunsets ~cats purring ~springtime in the mountains ~scrapbooking ~colors in the fall ~Chapters bookstore ~a clean house (preferably mine) ~sock free feet (mine ONLY) ~speeding ~buttered popcorn jellybeans by Jelly Belly ~all kinds of music ~pretty packaging ~fresh laundry ~sunroofs ~bonfires ~cupcakes (the prettier the better) ~earl grey tea ~cashews ~streams & creeks ~Gerbera Daisies (orange & hot pink are the best) ~a good book ~travelling ~Williams & Sonoma stores ~massages ~bubble baths ~cuddling ~candlelight ~rainy days ~Sweet Georgia Browns from Purdy's ~Lobster Ravioli from Joey's Only ~birthday cake drinks (Rum & Diet Coke) ~Grey's Anatomy (oooh McDreamy) ~Desperate Housewives ~fresh washed babies ~belly laughing ~wave watching on the beach ~silver jewelry ~the glow of Christmas trees ~ribbon ~new furniture

There are so many more but this was just a start. Now that I am in a better mood....thanks for listening!! I will probably write more later!!

Do you know what I feel like having today?? A few of these... yep, I am in the mood. Know why, cause I never get to. Instead, Kevin is off watching the Kootenay vs. Tigers Game with some friends. Mom is still sitting in emergency while Kerri sits with her for her shift, the boys (with a few extra) are hunting in the field & Megan is who knows where with Michelle & Kalli. You always want what you can't have right?!
Instead, I am having pizza with a house full of kids. I guess that is what I signed up for. Maybe I will be able to pull out some adhesive & glitter & paper & stamps & pictures ...some of the things that make me smile!! I do have a few good movies I could pop in while enjoying my favorite sport.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Pictures of my crew

I cannot stop...this is so fun!! Here is a just a snap to show you how much Jordan is growing... either that or Grandma is shrinking!! These were taken New Years Day. Grandma wanted to host a meal for the Pattersons at her newly renovated house. Thanks Grandma!!

Baptism 2009

Guess what... I figured out how to put pictures up!! So these are a couple of my favorite pictures of my children from last summer. They all chose to be baptized at Eagles Nest Ranch. I was so moved to hear their reasons as to why they wanted to be closer to God. I know God is not an every Sunday part of our lives but both Kevin and I are believers and we want that to be a part of what helps our children define themselves. They are exposed to religion a bit but we have never comitted to a church because we simply don`t know where to go and for those of you who think this is wrong...I apologize but we were in a hockey rink almost every Sunday! That does not mean that God is any less important to simply means we made a choice. He is with us in our prayers before we go to sleep at night and sometimes for me in the day when I need strength to get through this or that.... enough babbling, here are my beautiful babies!!

Brendan's Champion Picture

I cannot believe that I hadn't mentioned the big news!! Brendan's hockey team won the 2009/2010 Championship for PeeWee hockey. #1 in the League. These boys and one girl worked hard. Congratulations PeeWees'. You had a stellar year!

A Little Reflection...

I got a little bit of teasing today because I have either deleted posts (so people will mind their own business) or the fact that I haven't blogged in forever. I am watching PVR tv with my hubby and so I thought I would kill a little time....

Hockey is over...Yahoo! There are only two more functions and those will be fun. I thought I would be happy but I am elated. I haven't felt so overwhelmed as I did this year. There were a lot of changes for my oldest son's team this year and being the manager, I got to be the person to deal with it! Phew!! I think I will leave the volunteering for things like that to the crazy people...(yep, I am certain there are crazier then me!) The boys are almost relieved too. They have started remodelling their fort. It's a mish mash of scrap materials they have found here and there! I will have to get out there and take some pictures of it to show off the ingenuity my boys hold. They have also pulled out the dirtbikes and quad, much to the neighbours chagrin. I LOVE it! There were 3 quads and 4 bikes parked here on the weekend while they all came in for snacks and to tease me!! Saturday night was a full house too with about 5 extra kids sleeping over. There is nothing better then being the place they happen to all be at in the moment.

So that brings me to Meg. My sweet Megan is becoming a teenager rapidly. There is some eyeliner and fancy hair. Much more attention to clothes although she isn't at that girlie girl stage quite yet!! She loves to be with her friends. I am starting to miss her ...and the boys! Anyway, I think we are going to have to invest in another quad or convince her to ride the extra dirt bike. She is logging more miles on the quad than either boy.

Other then that, Mom had knee surgery last week. She is a trooper although today was a rough day for her. She spent a fair bit of time asleep. Hopefully she can take it easy over the next few weeks and heal so she can maximize the effects of such a major surgery!

I am working on this blog thing...learning as I go. Soon, there will be pictures and artwork and more stuff about the people I love and really like!!