Monday, April 30, 2012

Creat your Living Canvas

So excited to start something else...something new.  My great friend brought it to my attention & with a great timeline, this is an online class that I can do.  I am taking a living art canvas class.  I havent even started it yet but I joined the online group & WOW!!  What a great bunch so far.  So welcoming & helpful.  I cannot wait to carve some time into my busy days to start getting my art on!!  I feel so alive & happy when I play with my paints & gesso & mod podge & glitter ....its all perfectly fun!!  A great way to LIVE & express myself.  So thanks knew just what I needed!!  Come join me!!

NOW...where to get those awesome stamps.

It's a Boy!!!

For those of you who don't know, my family will be hosting a boy from Austria while my son is away in Taiwan!!  This boy is an avid fan of Jamie Oliver (this could be very good for us) and loves to cook like him.  He is  also an aviation nut.  I cannot wait to show him some of the best things about Canada & share our home with him.  He will go to school here & interact with our family as a part of it!  I hope he knows how brave I think he is & I hope he knows he has already found a special place in my heart.  Cannot wait to meet you in person Julius!! 

I am feeling so inspired...

Ok peeps...I am feeling inspired. proud of my young friend.  I did not ask permission &  need to write this NOW so I cannot introduce you to my friend but her birthday was this past weekend.  She found this Birthday Project & she ran with it...She touched more people lives on her day than some of us do in a lifetime.  I bet it was the very best & most memorable birthday she EVER spent!! 

I am inspired to do this too.  I was thinking that I should do one thing every day because I am not so sure I can wait for my February birthday. Lol!! 

Take the time to check this out.  You wont be sorry.  Be blessed & have an amazing day!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Been thinking alot about this...

I have thought alot about this lately.  It may be that the grumpy sales clerk got yelled at all night by her useless boyfriend who was drinking.  Maybe that rude little boy who threw something at your dog failed an important test or the next person missed an important deadline, someone close to them passed away, they lost their life savings. There are so many reasons for anger.  Of course it is never okay to take your problems out on someone but human nature allows us to sometimes slip up & forget that the person standing in front of us is not to blame.  So I think it is a really great idea to live by.  Your kind smile or word could turn their day around or make them feel less unlovable.  Kindness really does matter.

The other thing is, when you know someone whether they be family or close friends or even just acquaintences lets not forget that they deserve respect & kindness too.  Sometimes when I am in the safety of my family & something is going wrong in my day, I tend to take it out on those closest to me.  Maybe because they are my safe place & I know there is forgiveness & love but it is NOT fair. 

So for today, I am going to speak softer, be more thoughtful & understanding to everyone I meet.  Its about treating everyone you meet with the very same respect you would appreciate. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life is too short to be...

This was sent to me today...
You feel impatient and on edge, unable to relax you will find it particularly difficult to find any peace. If you are normally a calm and well-balanced person, this could be just the stimulation you need to put your plans that you have been thinking about for so long into action. Such an enterprising attitude could mean you become rather overstretched. Appearing erratic and absent-minded to others you should allow yourself the peace and quiet you need.

I think its funny & ironic & uncanny that things come to us just as we need them.  Not all of this pertains to me but it certainly strikes a cord.  So I took the plunge yesterday & recommitted to my English program...after that who knows but I had a friend remind me that I have nothing to lose.  I can still do all of the things that I do with & for my family & maybe even take on some extra things.   This not knowing where I am going & what I want is for the birds.  

EXCITED!!!  I have also been invited by a friend to join a golf league on Thursday mornings.  I don't golf often but this is something I enjoy doing & could only benefit from getting better at it!!  It will not be something that will interfere with my family time either.  

So the weekend is still 3 days away & I am feeling pressed to get there!  I have lots of English to work on, there is always laundry, lunches with friends & this monster of a messy house...Cannot wait to reward myself with a little scrapping & time with friends after.  I hope for today each & every person in my life knows the important parts of their story & sees value in each struggle & appreciates the gift that it is. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thoughts for today...

Good morning...So far today, I have folded laundry, helped the kids with breakfast & lunches, talked logisitics for the week over who is taking whom where & looked up a contact I will be needing today!  It doesnt sound like much but I am on it!!  I ran across this post on facebook & made a decision that today is going to be just that!!  AMAZING!!!

I am excited to finish up my scrap room...tore it apart last really tore it up.  Moved furniture, got rid of more stuff.  I am hanging on to too much dead weight in more ways than one.  So moving forward, I am going to be more concerned at the value of something when I make a will I use it in the next 6 weeks...if not, I likely do not need it!!

I also have a big task today, as I wrote about yesterday.  I think I have made up my mind & even if I dont use this, I have NOTHING to lose.  I will move forward.  This has been decided.  Now how to go about doing it!!

I am already looking forward to the weekend for many reasons.  One, it means I will have passed over some tough stuff and two, I am going to spend some time at a crop because I havent in awhile.  I have plenty of stuff I could work on & I need a little me time so its the perfect way to spend that!!  Yay!

Over the last little while, I noticed that my blog following numbers are fluxuating.  I think its funny...seriously that you choose to follow a blog but not make yourself known.  I suppose there are many reason for this but my number keeps changing by one & I am certain I know who this person is but  dont understand the reason behind the secrecy.  I dont write this blog for popularity nor do I care who reads it because if I am going to put it out there, I need to expect it isnt a secret.  If I wanted total seclusion, I would write in a journal...which sometimes I do!  I guess I just dont understand why you want to behave that way.  I mean if it is the person I am thinking of, there is no reason for your discretion/indiscretion. It is time to let your imagination not take you to this side of crazy!!  Anyway, not wasting anymore time on that!

So thankful for this place to jot down my thoughts.  Less profound than ever today but not every day, every moment is or can be.  Its the little things that matter today for me.  I can make it amazing by how I delve into each situation.  My wish for not only myself but for each of you is to live today with purpose, take note of the small things & stop & enjoy each simple thing.  Love the moments & make it an RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING day!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Under Construction...

This blog is undergoing construction ...please be patient

I will take some scrambled eggs instead of the scramble in my mind!!

Each day I want to wake up with the resolve that today is going to be a great day.  Better than yesterday.  I know life is good most days...most days I know that whatever comes my way I need to embrace it because it contains a gift or a lesson even though it may not look like it.  I make lists & plans & I have the best of intentions...I really do.  I go about my days without any cares but there are bad things that sometimes make their way into my day & weave their fingers around my heart...

Somedays are darker & more difficult.  I begin to wonder where my resolve goes & why happiness seems to escape me & for how long this time.  These are days when it feels hard to breath or take action because of  the weight of the anxiety & maybe other emotions that I do not always identify.  So my resolve is not within me & I greet the day with fear & sometimes loathing for what may be coming.

Right now, today, I feel blue & it isnt the spring time birds & sunshine blue.  Its dark & lonely & causes me to question my self worth... I am worried about the things I need to do, finding it hard to comitt to any of it.  Scared that I will make the wrong choices.  Those are the big things...& then I continue to pile many other little things on my plate leaving me juggling too many things at once & needing to be everywhere at the same time. 

These past few weeks have brought a heaviness I have never really known.  There was always so much to occupy my time & keep my mind busy.  These feelings are unfamiliar to me & it seems like I cannot find the tools to handle them. I think I have begun to question everything. Why why why??  Much of what happens in our life is out of our control...or is it?  I think every little choice I have made has directed me to right where I am.  I also believe that we have a set path for that God has created.  There are decisions & actions that other people have taken that don't really know or understand me but it is me who has my life on hold right now. 
I am full of fear but it will pass & then I can move forward...but where is that.  My inner turmoil has a due date of  April 17th.  I need to make a choice as to how & what to do to move forward or do something different..  Should I pursue a career in nursing or something else?  Should I go back to school at my age?  Others have done it & they were/are older than me but is it what I really want?  Sometimes it seems like the list I have going is enough for me to handle & it is so daunting that I don't always know where to start ...SO then I don't. I just pick up my computer or turn on the tv because I know it will be there waiting at such time I am pushed to the deadline...   well, today & tomorrow is all have left & then a decision will be forced on me by a deadline.  Will I will have wasted my time jumping into something without enough thought or preparation or will I pursue it & see what happens. What is the worst that can happen??!

I want a life full of passion & purpose.I want to do the things that make my heart sing.  I want to be the best kind of me possible.  Those are the only things I know for sure. 

 A family member once told me when I was just 11 years old that if I ever have doubts about something, then it is likely not for me.  At that time they were helping me work through a purchase I thought I wanted to make but the statement stuck with me & it has followed me for my life so far.  Can I apply it to this part of my life??  I suppose I could go to my happy place today & make some more lists & consider all my options.