Monday, June 14, 2010

free to be...

wow!!  this has been the end to an amazing weekend.  There was a little bit of planting, some relaxing, a movie, lots of soccer, beautiful weather & time together!!

we wrapped up another obligation this weekend.  I no longer have to take part in our local festival (very small scale) called Dunmore Daze.  Kevin & myself as well as a neighbour, worked on the games for the kids part.  I collected over 300 prizes & masterminded the games.  This was not a commitment I made for myself & one I am not sure I will continue with.  I just know that I don't have to do anything with it anymore.  One less thing tying me down....I am free to be!

So today, I will help a friend for a while & then I will push forward with all I have to accomplish in my own house.  Just in time for the kids to arrive home from school.  We will have supper & enjoy another evening of soccer & togetherness!!  I hope everyone feels a full with life (happy) as I do!!

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