Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Time...where does it really go.  I had all these plans today!  Plans to see friends, tidy my house, get groceries, bake, go to my appointments, finish the laundry & maybe make a few cards in my not so tidy scrap studio!!  Instead...I cleaned my fridge & pantry (because the kids didn't do it).  I shoveled off my fronts steps & scraped the ice (because my kids didn't do it).  Cleaned my truck inside (because my kids made a bloody mess)!  That is where my time goes!  My kids.  I love them but man tehy take some serious work!  They create serious work...they just are heavy duty work!!  So for tomorrow... I will be thankful that I can be there to clean up a mess that the children I have make.  I will be happy that my life is full because of my blessings (my babies)!!  Soon enough, they won't need me to clean up their messes because they will move on ...so not just for tomorrow but until such time... I will spend my TIME on them!!

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