Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be the Change...

I keep promising myself, I am gonna do that, when I get to that, I have to try that! I want to be like that!! So today, as soon as I am done blogging this, I am off to be the change I want to see!

Little anyway, last night my boys ordered pizza & chinese food to a boy they are just not that fond of. Of course I was mad but in hind site, no real harm was done. Because there is value in every opportunity to learn & grow, I should have taken the chance to calmly tell my boys what they could have done differently...yeah not done it all! Instead, we took away every possible thing that we could, grounded them & with my temper, I had a few choice words for them. Are they going to remember the lesson or me talking ...not so calmly to them over the issue. Ridicule seemed to be first on my mind every time either one says anything. So anyway, I am gonna be the change! For breakfast, they dined on their purchase!! It was good (last night)!! Next time...I promise!

I am off to Calgary to spend time with some good gals. This weekend is about me and my passion....scrapbooking. Camp Croppin...chocolate, a little shoppin, scrappin, eating at the lobster (Red Lobster, maybe)...all good things. For me, this makes things great.

Oh Yeah...back to being the change, I AM going to listen more, talk less (big one), work harder, find my motivation, Clean this House, kick teh daylights out of my to do list & get healthy physically & & see!!

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