Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter & Blessings to you...

Oh yummy...I can do this right. So I go to buy a turkey the other day when I am shopping with Kevin. He, we don't need one, there is a huge one in the freezer. I trust in that knowledge... MY FIRST MISTAKE. We do indeed have a turkey but it is from MISTAKE, not being thorough enough in the cleaning out the freezer area. So Kevin's Dad & girlfriend Debbie are here, my brother in law Kelly, neice Marissa, nephew Jacob, my Mom & sister, 2 extra kids & my own family of 5. Good thing we had a huge tri tip roast and a large ham. It isn't traditional but who says it has to Easter meal my way. All is well.

So aside from the almost meal debacle, I am feeling blessed. Blessed to have a beautiful, healthy family & terrific friends. Happy to have a nice home with many comforts. Lucky. I know I am cranky sometimes but at the end of the day, I know that there is nothing we cannot handle and everything happens for a reason... it isn't a big deal if the kids leave a light on or do a terrible job of washing the staircase. It is okay if we are a little late....there is always a reason & maybe it was universal!

Today, is a great day to reflect on the reason for Easter. So enjoy the copious amounts of chocolate, jellybeans and yummy desserts. Reflect on the time & care that went into the food prepared for you. Treasure the laughter & opportunity to be together another time, building fond memories. And be grateful of the reason for the season. Bless you and your families & friends.

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