Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day to day Everyday!!

I want everyday to be new & magic!! That sounds divine to me! I guess you do that by living in wonder. I mean the kind of wonder where everything has beauty & value. Guess I will leave that up to my state of mind by appreciating all that I have & all that I am. They say you can have anything if you want itbad enough!

So I guess I am a little nervous! I had some bloodwork done this past Monday! The doctor said he would only have his office call if there was a reason to! Well, he made a call yesterday & has made an appointment for me on Friday morning. If it was anything too serious, I am telling myself that he would have had me come in immediately! Anyway, I wait til Friday & then I will know whether it is good or not so good!!

So in the meantime, I am going on with daily life. Had a little visit from Spider Woman the other day by means of email! weird. It perplexes me how one minute you can spread hate & lies & then you can send a beautiful message even if it had an underlying tone of accusation. Anyway, I don't have much time for that crap in my life so I am sweeping it in the garbage where it belongs! I want real & honest & true friendships!!

I went to the antique & collectable store the other day with my hubby. He was not near as interested as me but we did manage to find some treasures!! I have been altering them & feeling a little creative!! It is awesome! Once I take pictures, I will upload!! Does my heart good!!

Today is overcast & a little gloomy so, I am making the most of it. Laundry is caught up, dishes are done, floors swept, supper is made & once I have a bath, I am off to my scrap space to see what I can get my hands on today!! I am sure that I will find a little magic in there!!

Make it an amazing day!!

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