Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Almost outta here...

Well...as of today there are 5 more sleeps until my family boards the plane for Aruba!! I cannot wait to walk through the sand in my bare feet.  I cannot wait to watch my kids lazing around on the beach!  I think it will be wonderful.  Aruba only has 90,000 population.  The island is about 19 miles across!  They speak dutch, portugese, spanish & english.  I hear there is a street festival akin to a mini Mardi Gras while we are there along with a cattamaran regatta, & a trip to the butterfly sanctuary.  We will lay around on the beach, snorkel, eat good food...maybe the parents will partake in some nightlife!  Can't wait to be away together as a family with Grandma too!!  The boys are not happy about missing hockey.  Jordan is distraught at the homework he will have when he returns but other than that..we are ready to board that plane!!

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