Monday, December 20, 2010

My reasons for EVERY season!!

So here we are, about a year since I started this blog.  I am not very good at keeping it up to date.  Life is busy.  I have three very good reasons for being busy!  They keep me on my toes but they make my life worth living too! 
Jordan, now 15 is having much success at his new school.  Since Grade 10 began at Eagle Butte High, he has been dedicated to his studies.  He is working very hard to keep his grade point average high so that he can "make alot of money".  I haven't seen him this committed to something.  So handsome at his young age.  Megan is the gift that keeps on giving.  There are times when she will do the laundry or clean the kitchen with no one asking her.  This Christmas that little beauty truly took the spirit of Christmas and applied it to her friends.  On her own & with her own money (for the most part), she picked things up here & there for each one of her friends.  I don't mean a little treat.  I mean a gift bag of treasures that she know they would love.  There were socks & treats, keychains & treasures!  It was awesome to see the spirit of giving. 
Brendan...our resident comedian has been keeping us in stitches as always.  He decided this hockey season to play as a player when he wasn't tending net.  Much to my surprise, he has assisted a couple of goals & apparently got a roughing penalty.  He is the kind of guy that pitches in when it comes to his friends.  They only have 11 players on the team (2 being goalies) so when they play several games like in a tournament, he plays out to help out the team.  Something I respect.  he isn't as adept as a player but he goes out there & works hard & has lots of laughs!!

With warm hearts we wish all of our friends and family a holiday season full of all the blessings life can bring.  Have a Merry Christmas & a blessed & fulfilling new year!!

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