Monday, April 16, 2012

Thoughts for today...

Good morning...So far today, I have folded laundry, helped the kids with breakfast & lunches, talked logisitics for the week over who is taking whom where & looked up a contact I will be needing today!  It doesnt sound like much but I am on it!!  I ran across this post on facebook & made a decision that today is going to be just that!!  AMAZING!!!

I am excited to finish up my scrap room...tore it apart last really tore it up.  Moved furniture, got rid of more stuff.  I am hanging on to too much dead weight in more ways than one.  So moving forward, I am going to be more concerned at the value of something when I make a will I use it in the next 6 weeks...if not, I likely do not need it!!

I also have a big task today, as I wrote about yesterday.  I think I have made up my mind & even if I dont use this, I have NOTHING to lose.  I will move forward.  This has been decided.  Now how to go about doing it!!

I am already looking forward to the weekend for many reasons.  One, it means I will have passed over some tough stuff and two, I am going to spend some time at a crop because I havent in awhile.  I have plenty of stuff I could work on & I need a little me time so its the perfect way to spend that!!  Yay!

Over the last little while, I noticed that my blog following numbers are fluxuating.  I think its funny...seriously that you choose to follow a blog but not make yourself known.  I suppose there are many reason for this but my number keeps changing by one & I am certain I know who this person is but  dont understand the reason behind the secrecy.  I dont write this blog for popularity nor do I care who reads it because if I am going to put it out there, I need to expect it isnt a secret.  If I wanted total seclusion, I would write in a journal...which sometimes I do!  I guess I just dont understand why you want to behave that way.  I mean if it is the person I am thinking of, there is no reason for your discretion/indiscretion. It is time to let your imagination not take you to this side of crazy!!  Anyway, not wasting anymore time on that!

So thankful for this place to jot down my thoughts.  Less profound than ever today but not every day, every moment is or can be.  Its the little things that matter today for me.  I can make it amazing by how I delve into each situation.  My wish for not only myself but for each of you is to live today with purpose, take note of the small things & stop & enjoy each simple thing.  Love the moments & make it an RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING day!!

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