Thursday, April 19, 2012

Been thinking alot about this...

I have thought alot about this lately.  It may be that the grumpy sales clerk got yelled at all night by her useless boyfriend who was drinking.  Maybe that rude little boy who threw something at your dog failed an important test or the next person missed an important deadline, someone close to them passed away, they lost their life savings. There are so many reasons for anger.  Of course it is never okay to take your problems out on someone but human nature allows us to sometimes slip up & forget that the person standing in front of us is not to blame.  So I think it is a really great idea to live by.  Your kind smile or word could turn their day around or make them feel less unlovable.  Kindness really does matter.

The other thing is, when you know someone whether they be family or close friends or even just acquaintences lets not forget that they deserve respect & kindness too.  Sometimes when I am in the safety of my family & something is going wrong in my day, I tend to take it out on those closest to me.  Maybe because they are my safe place & I know there is forgiveness & love but it is NOT fair. 

So for today, I am going to speak softer, be more thoughtful & understanding to everyone I meet.  Its about treating everyone you meet with the very same respect you would appreciate. 


  1. I LOVE our blog! Will you PLEASE help me with mine?! How did you get such a fantastic background? How did you put that amazing quote in? and your writing.. sooo Good! I think you should treat this space like your personal journal... don't worry about who is reading or what they think... just UNLOAD and get your thoughts out in the air! (and then I'll get to read them!) LOVE YOU

  2. Lynne...go to the Cutest Blog on the Block website. That is how I created this so far. It is kind of a copy & paste thing that I am still working on. So easy so far. I am thankful you are on here. I am glad you are reading my madness...thank you for being my friend. Love you tons!!