Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life is too short to be...

This was sent to me today...
You feel impatient and on edge, unable to relax you will find it particularly difficult to find any peace. If you are normally a calm and well-balanced person, this could be just the stimulation you need to put your plans that you have been thinking about for so long into action. Such an enterprising attitude could mean you become rather overstretched. Appearing erratic and absent-minded to others you should allow yourself the peace and quiet you need.

I think its funny & ironic & uncanny that things come to us just as we need them.  Not all of this pertains to me but it certainly strikes a cord.  So I took the plunge yesterday & recommitted to my English program...after that who knows but I had a friend remind me that I have nothing to lose.  I can still do all of the things that I do with & for my family & maybe even take on some extra things.   This not knowing where I am going & what I want is for the birds.  

EXCITED!!!  I have also been invited by a friend to join a golf league on Thursday mornings.  I don't golf often but this is something I enjoy doing & could only benefit from getting better at it!!  It will not be something that will interfere with my family time either.  

So the weekend is still 3 days away & I am feeling pressed to get there!  I have lots of English to work on, there is always laundry, lunches with friends & this monster of a messy house...Cannot wait to reward myself with a little scrapping & time with friends after.  I hope for today each & every person in my life knows the important parts of their story & sees value in each struggle & appreciates the gift that it is. 

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