Thursday, March 25, 2010

Took a little trip...

So I went on a little road trip today with one of my besties!!! Of course I had a good time & I spent toooooo much money. I rocked out some serious deals today!! I got our family a new panini maker, some skecher shape-ups, new jeans, capris, & 2 shirts, perfume, a huge family frame, new soft & cuddly cotton sheets for my bed & tons of grocery items for my family.

I bought some Christmas presents, some birthday presents & Easter treats too! My final stop was the liquor store & if I would have known how AWESOME our border guards would be I sure would have bought more. As it stands, I bought myself a sweet treat of Black Cherry Vodka.

When I hit Ben Franklin, I could have spent a lot but I only spent a little. I will go back...there is promise of a ladies road trip to buy BEER...

It was nice to take off & be foot loose and fancy free with a great friend!! It was nice to just for a few hours be doing something a little out of the ordinary. Of course on the way home the phone started ringing and plans needed to be made. There was soccer to get to & hockey & meetings but it all worked out thanks to a little help from friends. As I said...great to get away for awhile BUT nice to know that I am needed too!!

Hoping that if I declare it on here that this weekend I will get into my favorite room in the NOT the kitchen. So here is my declaration...Igotta do some scrapping this weekend...even if it is just a little project. Maybe I will post??? Good night.

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  1. so glad you had fun!!

    remember you need fill your heart too, do what it is that makes you happy. Create something awesome for ME!!

    Bling it on baby... haa haa Next trip, well give me advance notice, I need a road trip!! badly!!