Wednesday, March 24, 2010

High School..seriously?!

So last night I attended the informational meeting for Eagle Butte High School. I saw all of the seemingly great things the school has to offer & I wanted to be excited. I want to believe that when Jordan goes to that school in the fall, he will thrive...he will grow & he will succeed. He is very adminant that he can handle a heavy duty workload. In addition to taking all of the core subjects and options, he wants to enroll in a Production Field Officer (PFO) program that includes a diploma after three years from SAIT. He says that he wants to immmerse himself in his studies so that he can "get outta here" right after graduation.

I can't imagine how nervous he must feel or is it me projecting my feelings on to him. He will go to school with all of the kids he has from Irvine but also kids from Seven Persons & so on. I know that I would like for all of his troubles in the past to fade into the past. I know he has grown & learned from them but he needs people to believe in him & give him a break. Your failures DO NOT define you!! They make you better & they help you grow!!

I guess I get all anxious too because I love him so and can still remember the first day of preschool when I left him standing there...then the first day of a new school. A little peice of my heart broke because he is growing up so fast. Everytime we go through a new milestone, I know it isn't too long & that time is closing in on us when he moves on and further away!!

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  1. k, i had posted something so great here.. and now it's gone... i hate resets...

    You know that Jordan has a great heart and the strength of knowledge that is bigger than any man out there. It may be a quiet, reserved strength but it is there and you have seen it shine and come to those in aid more than once.

    for those that want to "bully" others, well they don't want to face their own life, they thrive on bringing others down.

    Everyone has a past - it's how they handle the present that counts!

    Who wants to journey along a path that is smooth. We need those blimps and bumps to remind us that we are human and that we are exceeding our own expectations!

    Remember, he will always be close in your heart, phone & text away, heck you can even skype with him. Much love and know that you have down all you can with your kids. They have the tools.