Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bucket List

So...what is in your bucket list?? Things to do before I die...whenever that might be. I have been thinking about it & I have a few things I want to put in my bucket now but I am certain I will add to it. Here it is so far:

1. Experience a sunset (corny as this may sound) somewhere just like in the movie 'Under a Tuscan Sun'. Greece, Italy...someplace like that!

2. Write a letter to each of my kids that they are to receive upon my passing. The letter is to contain my all of the reasons why I love them so, what I think their strongest attributes are, & what it meant to be their Mom through good & bad. Of course I want to let them know about all of my hopes, dreams & wishes for them & their futures.

3.Wanna go to a horse race... bet on a winner & wear a big ole floppy hat & some fancy outfit.

4. Drive a sports car with the top down around the winding curves on the side of a mountain

5. Something a little unattainable but I am allowed to dream... bring a child from a suffering country to live with my family and raise him or her as our own, helping my children to learn humanity & diversity. Hoping that they open their hearts & minds in many ways!

6. RELAX...learn that life isn't supposed to be so serious & that it is full of beauty & love.

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