Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baptism 2009

Guess what... I figured out how to put pictures up!! So these are a couple of my favorite pictures of my children from last summer. They all chose to be baptized at Eagles Nest Ranch. I was so moved to hear their reasons as to why they wanted to be closer to God. I know God is not an every Sunday part of our lives but both Kevin and I are believers and we want that to be a part of what helps our children define themselves. They are exposed to religion a bit but we have never comitted to a church because we simply don`t know where to go and for those of you who think this is wrong...I apologize but we were in a hockey rink almost every Sunday! That does not mean that God is any less important to us...it simply means we made a choice. He is with us in our prayers before we go to sleep at night and sometimes for me in the day when I need strength to get through this or that.... enough babbling, here are my beautiful babies!!

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