Friday, March 19, 2010

Slowly going crazy!!!

I am trying to amuse myself & all I really need is a visit with a good friend matched up with a steaming cup of java & some belly laughing. I am searching out things to do. I could be cleaning the house....blecchhh!! I could be down in my scrap room but there are 5 boys down there playing pool, farting, & laughing loudly & talking obnoxiously. Then there are two sweet girls watching a movie on the main floor. So here I am BLOGGING again. I might be addicted! Hope you aren't sick of it yet...don't read anymore if you don't want to!
Did you know I have this crazy obsession with peanut brittle lately. I love it. I found this great stuff called...well Peanut Brittle. It has a sweet little ole lady on the front named Hazel Williams & it costs $2.49 per bag. I am happy to note that even though I know the calories, fat & sugar content are obscene, it is not listed on the package so that means it is guilt free right? Yeah right! I tried to find a picture of it for you but I can't & 'someone' feels that it is more important to have my camera then me. Argghhh! Anyway, I purchased 6, yes 6 bags of the stuff today. Let me tell you, I am not sure if I can refrain from eating at least two bags tonight!! Someone needs to save me!! That's it...I am gonna wash the fricken floor!!

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