Friday, March 19, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

So I have been compiling a long list of favorites! There are so manmny things that make me happy and I am going to take the time to list them right here on MY blog, cause I can...add that to my "makes me happy list". Here goes...

~my family ~Venti caramel machiatto w/xtra drizzle from Starbucks ~sunsets ~cats purring ~springtime in the mountains ~scrapbooking ~colors in the fall ~Chapters bookstore ~a clean house (preferably mine) ~sock free feet (mine ONLY) ~speeding ~buttered popcorn jellybeans by Jelly Belly ~all kinds of music ~pretty packaging ~fresh laundry ~sunroofs ~bonfires ~cupcakes (the prettier the better) ~earl grey tea ~cashews ~streams & creeks ~Gerbera Daisies (orange & hot pink are the best) ~a good book ~travelling ~Williams & Sonoma stores ~massages ~bubble baths ~cuddling ~candlelight ~rainy days ~Sweet Georgia Browns from Purdy's ~Lobster Ravioli from Joey's Only ~birthday cake drinks (Rum & Diet Coke) ~Grey's Anatomy (oooh McDreamy) ~Desperate Housewives ~fresh washed babies ~belly laughing ~wave watching on the beach ~silver jewelry ~the glow of Christmas trees ~ribbon ~new furniture

There are so many more but this was just a start. Now that I am in a better mood....thanks for listening!! I will probably write more later!!

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